So Wine So Food - Château Coutet: dal 1643 un vino simbolo, dal sapore dolce


24 Juillet 2017

Aline Baly, co-proprietaria della cantina, racconta la nascita di una delle bevande più famose del mondo.

Nel 1787 Thomas Jefferson gli dedicò l'appellativo de "I migliori Sauternes di Barsac" e nel 1855 è stata classificata con la denominazione Premier Grand Cru Classé. Stiamo parlando di Château Coutet, una cantina delle più rinomate, situata a sud di Bordeaux e conosciuta principalmente per il longevo vino dolce, dai sapori mellificati ed esotici.

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Wine-in-my-opinion-Birthday Wine Bucket List

Wine in my Opinion 

22 Juillet 2017

A bottle of 2000 Chateau Coutet is available at our local liquor store and comes in at $66 a bottle. And this one I have tried and it is fabulous with a Capital F! This is luscious and rich on the palate, with gorgeous flavors of marmalade and gingerbread. Ladies, this is better than chocolate. I was never a big dessert eater, but when dessert tastes like this, I'm in.

Darlene Myers 

Le Figaro - L'Avis du Vin - Le Vin du jour : Château Coutet 2012

Figaro Avis du Vin 2 

05 Juillet 2017

Château Coutet 2012 : 17/20

Dégustation de la rédaction du Figaro vin : Coutet possède des arômes francs, la sttructure est de bonne longueur, la liqueur de belle qualité, la finale assez fraîche, ce qui confirme la belle réussite de Barsac. 

The World of Fine Wine - 2016 Bordeaux Millésime Magnifique d'une grande justesse

The world of fine wines 

27 Juin 2017

Château Coutet 2016 - 94-97/100

MD/TD: Very rich on the nose, with notes of apricot and pineapple, well "roasted", yet still quite held back - 96-97

MS: The usual mineram limestone element in the background, both very fruity, and very persistant to smell; very rich, very sweet, very fleshy, with adequate rather than marked acidity; an overall supple impression, soft, succulent; seductive, with a gentle tension, nevertheless you taste the fine botrytis in the lenght of flavor, the subtle spice and overall concentration. Easy, gentle, graceful, softly rather than crisply persistent. This remains very Barsac, and with the property's characteristic, clear mineral impression.

Vinum - Bordeaux Special - Sweet dreams


07 Juin 2017

Château Coutet - Aline Baly

This young woman with her blonde hair is the perfect picture of a Sauternes princess. Following advanced studies abroad (in management and marketing), Aline Baly (pictured) finally ran aground at home. Home? Although the Baly family – the owners of Coutet for three generations – in fact originally come from Alsace, Aline (just like her uncle Philippe and father Dominique) lost her heart to a Premier Cru in Barsac (all Barsacs can call themselves Sauternes, but not the other way around). Coutet dates back to an old English fortification which was converted into a wine estate in 1643. At one point it belonged to the Lur-Saluces family, who kept their horses here. A 14th century chapel and 1920s vertical presses also speak of a rich past. In the old local dialect, Coutet means 'knife'. The name fits: Coutet is a wine as full-bodied as it is spirited, the perfect illustration of Barsac's typical style. Floral and fruity in its youth, it matures into a particularly elegant, complex wine.

Rolf Bischel 

The Australian - Less is more when doing things by halves means a whole lot of wine

The Australian 

30 Mai 2017

Château Coutet 2012,

Sweet wines are the most commonly offered half bottles on wine lists around the country, but often the most misunderstood.

Most just think of them as something to match with dessert but the great sweet wines of Sauternes, and its appellation within an appellation, Barsac, are up for more savoury challenges as well.

Coutet is the finest producer in Barsac and balances the stone fruit sweetness derived from botrytis infections with a piercingly pure acidity that works equally well with gamey terrines, sweetbreads and even dishes carrying a little bit of spicy heat.

Nick Ryan 

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